Newest Next 4th Generation Aluminum Chasis S520 Robot Lawn Mower /american Lawn Mower

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Newest Next 4th Generation Aluminum Chasis S520 Robot Lawn Mower /american Lawn Mower
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Model Number: S520
Type: Robotic Mowers
Feature: Aluminum Chasis, Anti-slip, Height Adjustable Handles
Forward Speed: 35m/min
Cutting Width: 28cm
인증: ce, EMC, ROHS
Power Type: Electricity
color: dark green/black/white
Battery: Li-ion 6.6AH
Working capacity: 2600+-20%
Working time: 4.5hours
Charging time: 5-6hours
WIFI APP Control: yes
New Range function: Yes
Remote Controller: Yes
Auto Recharged: Yes
Schedule: Yes
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인증: ce, EMC, ROHS
Model Number: S520
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Packaging Details: 1pc in one carton carton:91*56*36cm G.W/N.W:23.5/22kg
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Newest Coming 4th Generation Robot Lawn Mower S520 /american lawn mower


Newest 4th Generation Intelligent Robot Lawn Mower With NEWEST APP Controlled Wireless WIFI +Water-Proof Charger

Newest !!! Robot lawn mower S520/Robot Grass Cutter is our 4th generation robot lawn mower and latest robot lawn mower came out in last month. More advance funtions like: pressure sensor, touch sensor,rain sensor, bump sensor, autorecharge, subarea setting, mowing schedule and so on.

The improvement of S520 ,which is better than other models:

1.Rear wheel

Use solid core wheel for S520, heavier rear wheel than it used for S510, it can keep from slippery when running on slopes and hills.

2.4pcs of Small blades

Please check the picture attached, increased the cutting width,also each blade with four sharp edges, every edge can used if one damaged by hard stone or other objects.

3.without ultrasonic sensors

The bumper function is good enough.

4.Improve the front wheel.

Use PPR material for the front wheel, it is softer than the original one, and against the vibration when working on the lawn.Also the front wheel with stainless steel holder, against rusting after long time using.

5.add range function:

There are four options for the ranges, user can choose thedistance when the robot hit the virtual wire according the

condition of different lawns.

6.Different charging connection, S520 has a better connection

with the charging station, two charging heads connect the copper sheets perfectly.

7.Improve the line function:

Change the running pattern for the line mode(Line function on):before:user has to put the robot on the back of the charging station to start, the robot will follow the wire cutting is not user-friendly.

Now:The robot started on the wire or inside the virtual wire, the robot will find the virtual wire and follow it to the charging station, meet it, then back from the charging station and circle to the back of the charging station, and follow the virtual wire cutting until meet the charging station again, then back to the lawn for cutting continuously.

S520 Functions:

Upated with Smartphone Wifi App Control

Water-proofed charger

1. Tilt sensor

2. Lift sensor

3. Bump sensor

4. Rain sensor

5. Auto recharge

6. Password

7. Electronic compass

8. Pressure sensor

9. Touch sensor

10. Waterproof

11.Language option

12.Mowing schedule

13.Subarea setting

14.Overload protect


16.Emergencey stop switch

Technical information about S520

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