Anti-skid lowest price good quality garden grass cutting machine /drum electric lawn mower

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Anti-skid lowest price good quality garden grass cutting machine /drum electric lawn mower
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Model Number: 158
Type: Robotic Mowers
Feature: Anti-slip, Antistall, Cordless, Height Adjustable Handles
Forward Speed: 20 m/min
Power Type: Electricity
인증: ce, EMC, Rohs
Cutting Width: 28cm
color: Black/orange/bule/green
Battery: Li-ion Battery&Lead-acid Battery
Working time: 2-3 hours
Charging time: 3-5 hours
Have: Remote controller
Warranty: 1year
Mower size: 56*51*25cm
Auto: auto recharged
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인증: ce, EMC, Rohs
Model Number: 158
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Packaging Details: Carton size:78*57.5*29cm
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Working video on youtube:

Detailed Description:

The robo cortador de grama, also know as electric robomower . is used for automatically cutting your grass lawn . It can use recharging station for use with 110v-240v volt power suppliers

At a glance:

1) Autmatic electric lawn mower

2) Fully remote control

3) Movement :360 degrees , up to 30 degrees slope

4)12month warranty

5) Electric mower =no need to buy gas

How does it work ? This intelligent robot mower works two ways

You can use the included boundary kity to set up a wire around your lawn and have the electric robot mower cut the grass automatically

You can use the provided remote control to guide it yourself . For people who have allergies or who are just


1.Full-automatic grass mowing with two models: go straight and circle (Highly efficient)

2.Envelop the mow area with virtual wire which is connected to the charging station. So the mower will not leave this assigned range when it is mowing.

3.When the mower is run out of power, the blade will stop working, then find the virtual wire and go to the charging station for charging. and it will go on mowing when it finishes charging.

4.The mow can change direction automatically when it meets obstacles.

5.Infrared ray can helps reduce the speed before the mower connected to the charging station.

6.It has rain sensor. When the mower is damped by rain, it will go to the charging station automatically

7.The blades will stop working if the mower has been lifted by someone.

8.The mower can estimate whether the circuit is overload. It will stop working to protect the inside circuit if its overload.

9.Humanistic adjustment for glass mowing height.(3cm and 4cm)

10.Remote control function

Robot mower technical information


  1. Charging station
  2. Pegs(100pcs)
  3. Charger
  4. Keys (2pcs)
  5. Stakes (4pcs)
  6. Remote control
  7. Remote control battery(1pc)
  8. Virtual wire (100m)
  9. Blades (4pcs ps: two pre-installed and two extra)
  10. Fuse (2pcs)
  11. English manual
  12. Quick use manual

Warranty time:

1 year ,we supply the free spare parts to repair if any quality problem.

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